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  1. Sidekick/Escudo/Vitara/ Geo/X-90 &Tracker(’89-’98)
    Can anyone help me figure out somewhere i can find these mounts? I bought a dominator bumper and realized i was missing the 2 mounting brackets, but i am struggling to find them anywhere. I don't have the resources right now to fabricate then myself. Any help anyone can provide is greatly...
  2. Sidekick/Escudo/Vitara/ Geo/X-90 &Tracker(’89-’98)
    I've searched the forum and have done quite a bit of researching but still can't seem to find much info on installing a Jeep TJ bumper on a 1994 Geo Tracker. How much fab work will be required and does anyone have any videos or pics of mounting a front and rear bumper? Thanks
  3. Suzuki Jimny, Sierra & Samurai Forum
    What is the bar called infront of the radiator on a 2011 Alto gl
1-3 of 3 Results