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  1. Suzuki Jimny, Sierra & Samurai Forum
    Hey guys! does anyone know where I can download a 1991 jimny engine number f6a service manual? Or at least a engine manual?? thanks!!
  2. Suzuki Carry & Every Forum
    Need help with the oil flow to my camshaft journal. I recently replaced my head gasket (F6A) and everything seemed to work out great. After a month or so I was having problems with two of my valve cam followers on the intake side not getting any oil. Took the cam out and with the starter...
  3. Suzuki Carry & Every Forum
    Hello to all! does anyone know where I can source exhaust rocker arms for my Every van? Or how I can extract the rockers from the old cylinder head to install into the new one? Thanks all for your time!
  4. Suzuki Jimny, Sierra & Samurai Forum
    Hi, I have a 1991 Suzuki jimny turbo with an f6a single cam. I just fixed the headgasket yesterday after it sat for almost a year and I drove it and around the block a few times and let it idle for a bit without issue. I went to go take it to the car wash and it died on me all of a sudden. I had...
  5. Suzuki Alto Forum
    Howdy! I didn't know these forums existed. I just finished a total engine rebuild on my 1990 Alto Works RS-R. I hope to share my knowledge and maybe learn new things!
1-5 of 5 Results