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  1. Suzuki SX4 Forum
    I know I'm not the only one who has had this happen, got the car in 08, this thing is a dream. Literally no issues until recently. Our mechanic took a look and yep drive shaft is rusted real bad, no fixing that. So I guess we need to find a replacement drive shaft to get 4WD back. I don't know...
  2. 4G (2015+) Vitara and Grand Vitara
    Hi all, I have a Vitara 2017 1.6 Allgrip and it has the issue of the Driveshaft noise. I live in Brazil and it does not has a recall, I believe it has in Australia. Can anyone please share the experience with this issue? It just happnes on AllGrip models and driving above 40Km/h. Thanks!
1-2 of 2 Results