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  1. Suzuki Forenza & Reno Forum
    I am hoping I can get some advice on my 2008 Suzuki forenza. Started throwing the engine code throttle position sensor, throttle control system a little over a year ago. Replaced throttle pedal and throttle body with new parts. Still throwing same code. Replaced engine control module and...
  2. Sidekick/Escudo/Vitara/ Geo/X-90 &Tracker(’89-’98)
    Hello folks! I have a 97 X90, recently the engine has started having problems with what I believe is compression. I’m unsure what causes this as it’s got fuel, spark and air. If anyone could help me figure this out, that would be to great help the car Is perfectly fine between 2000-1200 RPM off...
  3. Suzuki Carry & Every Forum
    Howdy, just bought a 94 carry dd51t with F6a, drove it a couple weeks and now won’t start, low compression. do these engines have liners/ sleeves from factory? I’m looking at a complete rebuild, and I see the kit comes with liners, and new pistons, or would it be worth it just to install a...
  4. Sidekick/Escudo/Vitara/ Geo/X-90 &Tracker(’89-’98)
    Hey guys! Been a lurker since I bought my 1995 geo tracker 16v back in October 2021. I bought it originally as a last minute necessity for an elk hunting trip. It did really well getting to site (100mile one way) and getting up some rough trails in 4wd. I did notice that my max speed was only...
  5. Sidekick/Escudo/Vitara/ Geo/X-90 &Tracker(’89-’98)
    Idk what to do about this issue ive had for the entire time ive owned this car. I have cleaned or replaced everything in the egr aystem that i can think of or thats been recomended to me and it still throws a code.
  6. 2004+ Swift
    G'day. I have a 2007 Suzuki Swift. It has done approximately 260,000 KM's so far. I have compression tested all cylinders and they all 100 psi. Some people are telling me Thy should be at least around 150 psi. Should I be worried? What could be the cause of compression psi loss? Even though...
1-6 of 6 Results