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  1. 3G (2006-2014) Vitara & Grand Vitara
    Just wondering if anyone has any pics of the exhaust manifolds for a 2007 2.7lt V6 Auto. Need them to show an exhaust shop. Thanks.
  2. Suzuki Forenza & Reno Forum
    Does anyone know that if I get a P0420 code that it's the catalytic converter or could it be a part of the CC like a sensor or any other part? I have 73500 miles on it and I don't want a new car payment but if it costs $1500 to fix it is it worth fixing. The code said bank 1 efficiency. When I...
  3. Suzuki SX4 Forum
    I’m not sure if it is the valve seals but my car will randomly blow blue smoke out of the tail when you press on the gas pedal and loss all power I’ve had the problem for 2 years now and no ones been able to help me and I also have had an engine light on for a Catty below threshold but I think...
1-3 of 3 Results