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  1. Production of 1989 Suzuki carry Australia.

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    Hey guys, about to buy a 1989 sk410 Suzuki Carry on Australia. After doing some research I struggled to find where these were produced. Would I be right to say they were produced in japan and sold in Australia or produced else where. TIA
  2. 4x100 to 4x114.3 hub conversion 99 Carry

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    Has anyone done a hub conversion for a 1999 Suzuki carry? The pattern is originally 4x100 but I want to have a 4x114.3 pattern. If you have done this, what do you need and how do you do it? I don’t want to use slip on adapters.
  3. Suzuki Carry Blower Fan

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    Hey guys, The blower fan on my 2004 Carry has been intermittently playing up for a few months now. Sometimes when I turn it from Pos0 to Pos1, 2, 3 it didn't do anything. To get around it, I just wiggled the lever back and forwards and it always came on. Today, that has ceased to work so more...