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  1. Suzuki Esteem & Baleno Forum
    Gday, I have a 1996 Suzuki Baleno in australia and I am having trouble finding a stereo/radio wiring harness diagram, can anyone here help me out?
  2. Suzuki Esteem & Baleno Forum
    Hi all, The front end of my Suzuki Baleno 2016 was damaged by road debris. Trying to work out what’s damaged. The mechanic says it’s both the radiator and AC condenser and both need replacing. I don’t see how both can be damaged from such a small impact. Can anyone enlightenment me as to the...
  3. Suzuki Esteem & Baleno Forum
    Ref A : TPMS = Tyre Pressure Monitoring System Explanation Page of User Handbook Pages 3-82 to 3-86 Ref B : RESETTING THE TPMS - User Hand Book Page 3-87 to 3-90 1. This vehicle has 3 different tyre pressure settings, a) ECO, b) COMFORT (each for up to 3 people onboard) and c) another setting...
  4. Classifieds - For Sale / Trade
    I have a clock for sale from a British registered Baleno. I believe it mounts where the cup holders are in the US version. It plugs into the existing wiring and works fine. $25 plus shipping or you may pick it up if you're near Chicago.
  5. Suzuki Esteem & Baleno Forum
    hi everyone, I’ve got a 1999 baleno G16b. I’ve had to replace the bearings and the seals in the manual gearbox. I’ve got everything back in place except for the life of me I can’t remember where the little ball bearings go. I’ve got one in the reverse rod, one in each of the 3 valves with...
  6. General Car Audio, Video and Electronics
    Hi guys, I've got a 2001 baleno sedan and the gear stick bulb is not turning on anymore? Seemed to start after I had put in a USB adapter in the cigarette lighter port. Though might not necessarily be related Any help or advice you can give me would be hugely appreciated. I'm not too car...
  7. Suzuki Esteem & Baleno Forum
    Soooo... I tried jump start the car putting - on + and + on -. it did not start... replaced the main fuse, and car started. Now my headlights wont turn off. Maybe it is the DRL, but im in Norway so not sure if we have that here... car is a 1998 baleno Any help would be nice :):)
  8. Suzuki Esteem & Baleno Forum
    Hi guys I'm new to the forum! I own a Suzuki Baleno GSR 1.8 here in the UK, there's 49 left on UK roads. I've owned a fair few cars most recently a Honda S2000 and a Renault Megane RS250. Both of those cars were absolutely awesome but there's something about the little quirky Baleno I love! I...
1-8 of 8 Results