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  1. Suzuki Swift and Geo Metro Forum
    Hi all! I've owned my Swift for a couple of months now and loving it so far! I just want to upgrade the speakers and didn't know if anyone here has done so and knows the sizing? Thanks! 🙂
  2. 2004+ Swift
    Hello, I’ve had my 2015 swift for 2 years and have never been able to use the sat nav function properly on it due to the volume being too low. When I try to increase the volume, the radio/bt just goes up louder and the sat nav volume stays the same. I am also wondering how I would go about...
  3. Suzuki Swift and Geo Metro Forum
    I just bought a 2015 Swift and have paired my phone with the cars Bluetooth. I'm able to play music such as Spotify through the connection, but when I tried to make a call I could hear the person I was calling but they couldn't hear me. There's no advice in the manual for this scenario, so...
  4. General Car Audio, Video and Electronics
    Lost radio code if anyone can help? Suzuki celerio 2018 Radio model number : CQ-JZ93F3TT Serial number : 520043 Need Anymore details let me know thanks
  5. General Car Audio, Video and Electronics
    Hey, I have bought a Suzuki SX4 GLX 2013. I don't seem to find an aux option in the car which really surprised me. Is there any manual solution for this or any other way to connect my iPhone to it? Thanks, Nadav
1-5 of 5 Results