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  1. A couple of questions (2020 Facelift)

    Suzuki Ignis Forum
    I'd be very grateful if somebody could spare some time to assist me. 1: how do I tell if ESP is enabled/active? (I may have disabled it, but cannot tell!) Many, many warning lights flah on briefly on starting the car, but too briefly to identify them all, and the copy of the English manual...
  2. How to update infotainment sytem?

    2014+ S-Cross
    I have an SX4 SZ5 2016 and wanted if possible to update the infotainment system. It appears to e pretty old. I am having trouble connecting my phone with Android Auto and thought this might help. Any advice? Thanks
  3. Bluetooth Connectivity & Android Auto Issues

    4G (2015+) Vitara and Grand Vitara
    I have a Vitara 2016 and was previously the owner of an iPhone 7+ of which I could use Apple CarPlay or also connect via Bluetooth without any issues. I've since switched to Android via Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro and despite pairing my device to my vehicle's Bluetooth (just like I did with my...