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  1. Suzuki Alto Forum
    Hi Guys, Can anyone confirm if a swift or jimni alternator is a direct substitute for an Alto 2009 (GFC31S) model? If so, any particular model? With thanks S
  2. Suzuki Alto Forum
    I have a Suzuki Alto manual 2013, when I drive the car there are random warning beeps coming from the outside of the car, the same sound that it makes when you lock and unlock the car, I have opened and closed all doors, checked tyre pressure, plugged seat belts in, never have anything on the...
  3. Suzuki Alto Forum
    Hello, I am about to purchase a used 2015 year model of Suzuki Alto Turbo RS. I want to ask here from the experts or Turbo RS Owners two questions. Your advise would be appreciated. 1-) By default, from factory how much psi boost does the Alto Turbo RS is shipped out? 2-) If we want to increase...
  4. UK
    Hi folks, i am a newbie and drive a 2014 Alto in North Yorkshire, I love my little car but do have a question about its performance going up steep hills. I am travelling to Grassington via Greenhow hill and am concerned about this hill. it has a gradient of 16% so wondered if i should look for...
  5. Suzuki Alto Forum
    Hello guys, I have Suzuki Alto 2011, and I have a problem with the headlights. When I turn the headlight knob one time, all the light are lit fine, but when I turn in the second time, nothing happens! The odd thing is that the high beam works fine, and they are both on the same bulb (the low...
  6. Suzuki Alto Forum
    Hello, I recently bought at 1987 Suzuki Alto, it was running a bit rough so I tuned the carburetor just by adjusting the screw, this improved things and it drove well for around a month. Then last week, it would start ok, but as soon as I was driving, the revs would drop and the car would not...
  7. Suzuki Alto Forum
    My poor little Alto decided it didn't want to stop for me properly on Wednesday and gently kissed the back of an Audi A3 (which got off with just a cracked bumper.) To my surprise she still runs and drives fine; holding temps and everything! She's just not exactly road-worthy anymore... On that...
  8. Suzuki Alto Forum
    Hi Everyone! As much as I love my little Alto the seats aren't the best and are causing issues for me on long journeys and to my Mum who has back problems. Has anyone successfully transplanted seats from another Suzuki of the era or another car entirely into one? I'd love to get some ideas from...
  9. Suzuki Alto Forum
    i have a 1986 alto 4 speed f8b, the startor motor has blown and i need to know if 5 speed and 4 speed startors are different or not
  10. Suzuki Alto Forum
    Hi, everyone. I've had issues when installing the lower control arm on the drivers side of the car, namely that I couldn't get the bushing hole lined up to be able to get the bolt in. I very nearly gave up and couldn't drive the car home. I still need to do the passenger side one but as I'm...
  11. Suzuki Alto Forum
    Howdy! I didn't know these forums existed. I just finished a total engine rebuild on my 1990 Alto Works RS-R. I hope to share my knowledge and maybe learn new things!
1-11 of 11 Results