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    My poor little Alto decided it didn't want to stop for me properly on Wednesday and gently kissed the back of an Audi A3 (which got off with just a cracked bumper.) To my surprise she still runs and drives fine; holding temps and everything! She's just not exactly road-worthy anymore... On that...
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    Hi Everyone! As much as I love my little Alto the seats aren't the best and are causing issues for me on long journeys and to my Mum who has back problems. Has anyone successfully transplanted seats from another Suzuki of the era or another car entirely into one? I'd love to get some ideas from...
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    i have a 1986 alto 4 speed f8b, the startor motor has blown and i need to know if 5 speed and 4 speed startors are different or not
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    Hi, everyone. I've had issues when installing the lower control arm on the drivers side of the car, namely that I couldn't get the bushing hole lined up to be able to get the bolt in. I very nearly gave up and couldn't drive the car home. I still need to do the passenger side one but as I'm...
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    Howdy! I didn't know these forums existed. I just finished a total engine rebuild on my 1990 Alto Works RS-R. I hope to share my knowledge and maybe learn new things!