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  1. Suzuki Alto Forum
    I have a 1997 Alto Works with a 3-speed automatic transmission. My issue is that it slips exactly at 6,000 rpm in all gears. It shows zero signs of slipping under heavy acceleration until the tachometer gets to 6,000, and then it just disengages. Does this seem like maybe more of a sensor...
  2. Suzuki Alto Forum
    I have a ‘96 Alto Works iES Turbo that has a bad wheel hub on the passenger side. I’m having a difficult time finding one for sale. Are there any alternatives, like another hub from something else that’s 4x100? Located in the US..
  3. Suzuki Alto Forum
    Hello, I am about to purchase a used 2015 year model of Suzuki Alto Turbo RS. I want to ask here from the experts or Turbo RS Owners two questions. Your advise would be appreciated. 1-) By default, from factory how much psi boost does the Alto Turbo RS is shipped out? 2-) If we want to increase...
  4. Suzuki Alto Forum
    Howdy! I didn't know these forums existed. I just finished a total engine rebuild on my 1990 Alto Works RS-R. I hope to share my knowledge and maybe learn new things!
1-4 of 4 Results