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    so ill start off by saying, i am a 18 year old.. got my license about a 2 months ago, thats around the time i got the car. 144K miles, so the issue now, i woke up this morning and went to start my car to head to finish some things , the car started but died within a few seconds... this is the...
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    The power door locks on my 2008 Suzuki Forenza sedan are making a clicking noise but the car still locks and unlocks with my key fob. Does anyone know if it is a bad fuse or relay switch and if so where are the fuse and relay switch located?
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    One morning I started my vehicle and had horrible misfires. I checked my plugs and wires and found I needed a new valve cover gasket with all the oil in the spark plugs. I changed the valve cover gasket (felpro) and slapped some RTV on the engine for a better seal. I also replaced my spark plugs...