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Well I ended up looking for a truck so I could store my car for winter and ended up buying this fine piece of machinery from my girlfriends dad for $900. It's a 1994 Geo Tracker(I think its just the base?) It's a 2 door, convertible, 5 speed, 4 wheel drive with manual locking hubs, 8 valve engine and thats about it. Oh yea. And not to mention 232,xxx MILES AND STILL GOING STRONG!
1994 Geo Tracker (ALL BLACK)


Is the stock 8valve with new valve cover gaskets, plugs, wires, 2 new belts and thats pretty much it for that. Going to put in cold air in it for a little more power but nothing special till I rebuild it.
In the interior, i have added a 3 outlet and usb station where the ashtray was, Cobra CB, 2 Sosche HD 6.5 x 6 3/4 speackers in the rear cause the old ones were like paper and I think thats pretty much it. Not really worth dumping a ton of money into the inside of this thing.
Exterior mods so far.... would be 30x9.5x15 Master Craft Courser tires on older style Ford rims. Bottom looks like it was sprayed with bed liner a long time ago but its getting a little rusty(so to be fixed), 2, 1000w 4 foot black CB whip antennas going to a Cobra 29WX KW ST Sound Tracker CB and got some sweet Bowtie mud flaps on him. Unfortunately, not a lot of mods just yet but I have big plans because it's going to be my trail rig this spring when the snows gone. I've just started doing some altercations thanks to my new job. Haha.
Stock radio and a CB is all you need. Lol. Just gotta throw in some old George Straight tapes and hit the trails. Haha. I have a tape that plugs into my ipod.
Definatly bone stock suspension and I only have a little bit of rub when I turn all the way to the right on my 30x9.5x15's. Haha
Wheel and Tire
Master Craft Course MT's I think. They are 30x9.5x15 on 15 inch 80's Ford F150 rims.



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