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funky 12" dish rims and classy piece of string for a choke!
Recently purchased from a farm in mildura,the dude I bought it from told me he'd bought it on 06 from the original owner to use as a picking van,but due to the size of some of his Tongan workers and the location of his sheds vs the crops(across a main highway)the zook wasn't really practical and was never used.....The original owner had the engine reco'd recently before selling it,and it's evident he kept it well maintained!So basically since then it's just been sitting down the back of a shed gathering dust for 5 or so years......Until I seen it on ebay for sale,had one of my renowned "need to have this" urges and so it was!
Just yesterday,I jumped on a coach from ballarat to mildura at 10am,got to mildura at 6pm,bought the van,and drove it back to ballarat arriving home at 4am! so I'm still up at 6:15am,hella pumped about my new rig,so i thought id joint a forum and flash it about!
1978 suzuki carry (grey)


stock 550cc 3cyl 2 stroke....whatever there called>?

Possible,unknown at this stage engine transplant.....I was thinking a stock 13b would fit kinda nicely!
- 25cm blue bubble dildo shifter
-leopard print dona and pillows in the back

To come
-bucket seats (not necessarily a matching pair)
-nairdi 330mm dish wheel
-black n white checkered trim
-removable back seat exchangeable for....
-removable mini camper setup
-Tokyo subway hang ring
Shitty grey paint otherwise stock std!

To come on the otherhand......
-dumped to the bump stops
-Some humorous Japanese stickers
-Tokyo subway hang ring
-a pair of twin motorbike mufflers(preferably oldschool suzuki)boso styled,shooting out the back on a 45deg upward angle
-possible bolt on flares & front lip spoiler?
Decent,but basic 4(possible 5)speaker system
stock at this point

not sure what springs will fit?
Plan on finding something the same diameter but a little firmer,and chop the majority off!
Flip rear leafs for now,may look at re setting them down the track...blocks suck!
Wheel and Tire
Now:-some funky silver 12x5 +0 dish rims

In the shed waiting:-full set of gold centered,pollished lip,14x6.5 +15 ssr meshies that my brother imported from Japan for his toyota!

Gotta find some smaller tyres for them to fit though,thinking some 165/60-r14's might do the trick....get some redwalls painted on!


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