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I have a suzuki Liana 2004 automatic 4plugs.
The car comes with two fans, one for engine while the second is for AC.
Before now, either the AC is on or not, the car will stall after 10minutes of driving.
Presently, the second fan was connected directly, the car works to anywhere in as much the AC is not on, but stall before 10minutes of drive if the ac is on.
I went to my mechanic, he said d gasket have gone bad, the car does not give any sign of overheating as d gauge is always on half. The coolant I have put inside have not reduced for almost 2months now eventhough my travel have not gone beyond 1hour non stop driving without ac.
What can be wrong with the car.
I need the forum help, the rewire is telling me to add a third fan for ac only.
I'm confused house