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07u Red
I paid $500 roughly 2 years ago in 2018. Was told it had a tcm issue. Mechanic wanted to charge $1500 and wouldn't gaurauntee it would fix the issue of not shifting and going into limp mode. I did some homework on the car and so far I've personally replaced:

Valve cover gasket
Power steering pump
Radiator (my fault breaking original)
Air intake restriction assembly
Rear struts
Range sensor
EGR valve
Gear shifter tension spring
Wiper pulse unit and wiper arms
Wiper steering wheel control arm
Cattilytic converter top flange snapped off (welded it back together)
Other minor exhaust repairs (little to no cost)

All except the power steering pump, valve cover gasket and radiator I found at the same local u-pull it junk yard. Combined total cost under $100.

Power steering pump ran me $80 including the pulley attached and shipping.

The radiator was $130, plus new fluids and etc, roughly $180 total.

Valve cover gasket kit was $25.

Honestly in my opinion, not bad for a car over 10 years old. However I do feel it's a lot of repair for a vehicle under 75,000 miles.

Now as far as cosmetic work done, that's a different story. The car was gifted to my 18 year old son for graduating high school so I had to "spruce" it up a bit.

Lots of paint...
2 seven inch lcd TV screens in the headrests
1000 watt 4 channel amp
800 watt 12" Kicker competition sub
Pair of Kicker 6 1/2" 400 watt front door speakers
Pair of Boss 4 1/2" 300 watt rear door speakers
Retractable single din 7.1 inch lcd touch screen Dual head unit
150/500 watt DC power converter
Seat covers and steering wheel cover

Realistically, I've spent more on cosmetics and the sound system than repairs in the last 2 years. The experience of learning this vehicle to the degree I do, was worth what I have paid and has leaned me to purchase another, a 2006 Forenza with the same exact color in excellent condition under the hood and visually.


Painted, seat covers, lcd TV's, sound system etc.
Respectful sound system for an 18 year old boy.
Minor repairs
Used stock rear struts installed