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  • yamato123 ·
    Nhận làm dịch vụ kế toán
    uy tín với dịch vụ báo cáo tài chính
    và dịch vụ dọn dẹp sổ sách kế toán
    dịch vụ kiểm toán
    và nhận dịch vụ thẩm định giá
    và nhận rà soát sổ sách kế toán tại bắc giang
    bodii88 ·
    Hello, good morning.
    I posted a reply since yesterday. until today it did not get approved or rejected, can you help me know why?
    kilroix ·
    Hello I just registered with this forum this morning. I have a USA 2008 XL7 Luxury 3.6 4WD, with a power steering issue. First, I am NOT a mechanic; is this site intended for a non-mechanic seeking help to attempt a repair? I have had no luck finding any info online describing removing & installing a power steering pump. Any advice?
    Hal ·
    Thanks for response - the original dipstick is supposed to have a min and max mark, and the fluid level is to be in between these marks. My problem is, that I found a self made dipstick with 2 roughly scratched marks and I'm completely uncertain toward the marks accuracy + much to much fluid is indicated – thus my question if someone can provide me the two measurements; from the upper end of the dipstick to 1) max mark + 2) min mark
    Hal ·
    Thank you for welcoming me and at the same time it gives me the chance to inquire if you can't help me with my problem (dipstick measurements for automatic gear...). All the runs - literally, since I can't use the car - were in vain so far. Even you'd have an idea where to search for this info, i thank you many times in advance - Harry
    newsavedone ·
    Greetings! I posted pictures of Suzuki wiring, and vacuum lines in gallery.
    How do I make the post that they are there sticky as I do not have ability to keep emailing these?
    chrisalford ·
    I have a question please. Why does my post still come up "Newbie" if I have been a member since 2008? Is this based on number of post? Thank you
    ljstanhope ·
    has any body had the problem with low power of 3rd gear when towing with Suzuki grand vatara 2.0 td 53 plate I have had it to garages and they cant find any thing wrong with it.Mine you get up to 2500 revs about 50mph and that is it it wont go any faster has any boady any problem like this and what did they do
    doirizarry ·
    hello noob here i have a 2001 suzuki xl-7 with rear coil springs cut
    and i am trying to find the original measurment with no luck can you point me in the right direction for the measurments to find a oem or junkyard replacement any help will be apresiated
    Samaya ·

    I am having trouble logging onto the forum from home. The forum displays a message that my IP address has been blocked. Could you please allow access to the forum again from the other 2 IP addresses I use?

    Thank you,

    mellow ·
    i have a problem i have a 2010 grand vitara for 2 years now every thing was working grate upon till 2 months ago while drive trying to over take another car i started hearing a rattling sound some where in the engine and then white smoke coming out the tail pipe so i figure it was time to change the oil so i did change the air filter and it still does it if i quickly accelerate if i drive slow it's fine but when i press that peddle then the who ever behind me disapares in the smoke i need to know wat could be causing that
    KRUWN ·
    Do you know where i can buy a brake drum adjuster for my 4 cylinder suzuki super carry here in the Philippines? I am living here in Laguna Thank you!
    pramirez ·
    hi i would like to get a XL7 2007 but i read the have many electronics issues, what can you tell me about this vehicule?
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