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  • Kathmanducas ·
    Oh crap, have only just seen your message now, thought I'd get an email alert or something..
    Yeah, I probably noticed a 1-1.5L/100km increase based on trip computer figures (wasn't tracking at the pump back then), but I lifted at the same time, so that may have been combined in there. When you think about it, the tyre rolling circumference has also increased by 5-6% so when you factor that in, I'd call it a fairly negligible increase in real world economy figures for me. Am currently getting around 11.6km/L average measured at the pump with the AT's, so happy enough with that. They aren't a cheap mod when replacing all 5, but I'd do it again in a heartbeat over the stock HTs :)
    XL7Limited ·
    I am not really sure what you are talking about.. Sorry... Maybe pm the administrator as he would be able to help you... Thanks
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