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  • keduhanh0t ·
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    TooOld ·
    Hello, I almost didn't pm ya because you seem like your busy with all of your posts. I couldn't help to notice that you are a GOD with understanding ECM's with our Suzuki engines.

    My question/ questions are complex for most and I don't want to make any mistakes. I am a new to this site, with that being said I started a thread about wiring for MSD6btm on my 16v. I don't really care for the MSD but the timing features that it offers for my application is needed. I put a monster turbo on it and currently have the boost set at 16 psi. So far it loves the boost and my AFR reads 18.3 ish at idle, but when in full boost at 8k rpms it is at 12.3 ish. Its doing this because I put bigger injectors in it. Is there a way to modify the ecm to change the functionality of the injectors to get my extremely rich idle fixed? Upon reading many of your posts you don't feel products like Megasquirt are the right answer? Thanks for your time!
    rramalho ·

    Little help please :D

    Can i use the engine block G16a with SPI to replace the engine block and head of my G16a carburator ?

    Can i bolt on the carburator manifold and fuel pump on the g16a that had SPI ?
    navanee ·
    Dear Rhino,
    I own a Suzuki Liana (2002 make). While driving in the motorway, my car started juggling with immobiliser light blinking. I had to disengage the engine to coast the car to safely park. It does not happen while I drive in the city limits and happens only if I cross 50 mph. My mechanic has no clue and I could not figure out anything solid from browsing through the forums. You are my only hope now. Can you please help me what to do next?

    PsyCro ·
    Hi Rhino.. sorry to bust your balls with PM, i've got a thread going currently, but it seems you could be instrumental to my upcoming decision, and well, you haven't visited my thread yet :D ..

    Suzuki Vitara V6 + PLIN, 1997 god.

    I'm looking to grab one of these, there are 4 being sold and they all look quite good, especially this one.
    What to look out for, and what kind of compatibility am i looking at parts wise down the road?

    Thanks a bunch in advance!!

    Mr.m.y ·
    is my jimny is vvt ?
    Type : JB4C1
    CHASSIS NO. JS3JB4C1XD4200894
    ENGINE: M13A






    zuki1100 ·
    Just wanted to say thanks for the manuals you have available online for the Vitara, I downloaded the one for the LWB 16V model and used it over the last few weeks to rebuild my engine. Brilliant having this information for other to use. Cheers Mark
    ellpee ·
    HI mate, Lindsay from New Zealand. I have been trolling old posts. Did you ever crack the 98 Baleno J18 ecu diagnostic? There appeared to be a lot of work but I did not see a final solution. Care to entertain me? The reason I want to know is I stupidly bought an ELM bluetooth device and got the obvious result. At least I have a grand vitara and 05 swift that it works on eh.
    bwalter ·

    I was curious if you by chance had access to the spark advance base timing chart for a 97 suzuki 1.6 16 valve ecu. I am putting together a turbo project and would prefer to start with a safe spark table and improve from there. I found a 8v chart from an old post of yours but not sure if you can use the 8v for a start. Running micro squirt and tuner studio
    deadpool454 ·
    Awww man, alright I'll see if I can find one of the Windows laptop tablet things that were somewhat short lived for the tablet idea then :D
    deadpool454 ·
    Speaking of your cable ordeal, would a USB converter work on an android device with the diagnostic app you posted on your forum?
    deadpool454 ·
    Hey Rhinoman, I have a 95 geo tracker and I NEED a code reader because the pin bridging method doesn't work x_x I've been to your website for the cable but you said you're out of stock, any other suggestions? my CEL is on and I can't read it! thank you for your time!
    Heinz13 ·
    Can you tell me exactly what to buy at the parts store and how to install it specifically...I'm kinda a novice. Thanks James
    Heinz13 ·
    Can you tell me how to fool the thermoprobe on the EGR? I have a cat-less vehicle and I've figured out that's why I sporadically get a code 51. I remember you or maybe
    XXX talking about a resistor solution. Please fill me in when you can.

    monstenco ·
    Hi, I managed to get hold of the VIN number, let me know if you can find the correct manual. Thank you.

    VIN: JSAFJB43V00205272
    monstenco ·
    Hi Rhinoman,
    Here's my car details, not sure what's VIN. Thanks for the help.
    Model: Jimny Sierra AT 1.3 JB43, M13A VVT
    Year: 2005
    Rhinoman ·
    There is no seperate safety cut out on these. The ECU turns off the fuel pump relay if the engine is not running or cranking. What is the pert number of the ECU? I have a couple of US models here.
    rapoM ·
    Is there a fuel safety cutoff switch on thesr rigs? Wondering if that coulda tripped when the ecu fried out. Why eould it not frekin start after replscing the bad caps. Dammit
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