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  • Falken ·
    Richard B ·
    Dear Rangerden88.
    Given your range of Suzukis I am hoping you can assist me please. I am trying to trace the engine size of my vehicle. I am not sure if it is 1300 or 1600cc.
    VIN NUMBER: JS4TA01C6K4119750
    ENGINE NUMBER: G16K46333
    Can you please assist? Many Thanks
    yjj ·
    I hope you are the same ranger88den as on Zukikrawlers, if not what are the odds?
    I tried to send you a message over on Zukikrawlers but it says you have chosen to not receive PM.s and here your PM box is full. You must be a very popular guy.
    Anyway I a few feelers out about some X90 headlights that are supposed to try and get back to me this weekend. If none of them pan out I may be a player for some X90 headlights if you can get them.
    There is nothing crazy with the removal that I can think of, but from what I have found most of these in that yard have taken a front end hit and the headlights are broken up. So if you are serious and can maybe find a set I will get back with you next week if that's cool.
    Thank you J
    xxx ·
    this is a uk post , kinda. with unique EFI un like anything here. in uSA
    the 98 GEo ECU is like the suz.
    but in 1997 Suz, moved the TCM into the ECU. The TCM is gone.
    mixing ECU from 96 to 98 is near imposslble, maybe 96 and 97 but that
    is based on cut over dates, factory mfg, dates. and veries by GM line or Suz, line in CAMI. so that brings us full circle back to finding your pn and yours alone.
    here is the suz, offical list. (geo may be shifted sightly)
    awesomeed12 ·
    I saw on a post you commented on about installing seats. I saw the ones you had in your tracker, and was wondering what type of car that seat came out of. Also would it work in my 96 geo tracker?
    Bex ·
    Hi Dave, Just looking at amazement in the list of Trackers you have under your signature. Do you currently own all of them? Was wondering if you have ever done any type of comparison between the 4 of them, and if so, which you found to be the preferred car and why. Just really curious.....
    Judy ·
    Thanks for the information, However, the dolly we have is swivel-i.e. the front moves with the RV. The information given is for a stable dolly. The way I see it the dolly will swivel and so will the front wheels if they are on the pavement. We towed a 2009 Jeep (6 speed standard with auto locks) forward and had no problems.
    91trackerboy51 ·
    still waiting to hear back from you to last pm ranger about no spark no fuel on 91 tracker. i did the dlc test pin b jumpered to pin c and i did not get code 12 or anything so it looks like the caps in ecu are the problem. you agree with that?
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