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  • Coastuki09* ·
    hello Old track, did you solve your coolant loss problem? if so how
    I have same problem and no so far 5 mechanics have not found the reason why.
    Coastuki09* ·
    hello Oldtrack ,yes I sent you a message. I have engine trouble light on constantly. EGR problem codes show on scan. Have had EGR cleaned and trouble light still on.
    onealtnt ·
    Hi Oldtrack,
    I'm looking to get bigger tires after a suspension lift, my only question is will a 225/75R16 tire fit on the tailgate door without modifications?
    GojonnoGV ·
    Hmmm, good idea cutting away the bottom sides of bullbar. I did not initially pick that up in the photos. The engine takes up so much space. Pity no room for second battery with engine. Thx for your help.
    GojonnoGV ·
    Hi, I have just clicked over 100,000km and I am just having the same glow plug error message. Thanks for your comments.
    I just noticed you have a good rig. Just wondered where your second battery went?
    I am also fitting an ECB bar what mods did you do to it?
    I am looking at cutting the plastic bumper down and a getting custom bash plate made and fitted at same time.
    Hey mate thanks for your input re the shockers I will get them. I guess I we looking for a nest answer.
    Btw I noticed your signature has a custom snorkel and front recovery points. Those 2 are on my wish list. Can you tell me where your mounted the recovery points?
    And who made your snorkel?
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