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  • cbcelectech ·
    Hello, I am wondering if you have posted or if you have available any step by step instructions on a timing chain/tensioner for a 2007 XL7?
    chevytom ·
    was wondering if you could direct me in the right direction i have 2007 xl7had it in the shop twice now keeps coding and misfiring po301 po303 po305 p0011 p0021 p0024 and the dealer clears the codes and says nothings wrong and about 2 months later same thing
    irishkeane ·
    Hi Lumpy,

    Was wondering if you could forward through the .pdf that was issued for rotten cross members on 1995-200? suzuki esteem. My little Suzy's cross member just rusted out and I've been looking for the details you mentioned. I'm in Canada if that makes any difference.

    Thanks for your support,

    [email protected]
    Brit101 ·
    Lumpy, got new Esteem GLX the other day Wed, at a place west of Sucbury. Lots of bad bushing noise from the frt left. Only at low speeds there are complaints from the bushing. On the hwy it is quiet. Would you think it would be the one that fastens the stabilizer bar to the control arm? Your insight would be appreciated.
    Max ·
    Thanks for lookin' Big Guy!

    I'm still waiting on Hawk to come through, they THINK they have one. :)

    I tried the dealer avenue and the bezels are discontinued. They turned me on to two in inventory at other dealerships. Called them and the bin was empty in both places. :(

    cazgas ·
    Would you know whether the timing chain instructions that you gave Max that he posted on file sharing is relevant to a V6 2.0Litre engine.

    Thanks for your help

    TheShadowFL ·
    In the last two weeks, I've had my CEL (check engine light) come on. I've noticed it when I was less than three miles from my house after a cold start.

    I've gotten out and checked oil levels, and all fluid levels and find nothing out of order.
    The engine is running GREAT!
    Then I use my "Scan Gauge II" to reset the code and drive on.

    When I mentioned this to my Suzuki Service manager (yesterday) he had no idea what could be causing the problem, but suggested that I make sure my gas cap is on tight.
    I Googled the P0000 code and get mixed messages about it.

    Have you seen this P0000 code?

    In no panic, but just curious.
    [email protected]
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