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  • Bex ·
    I would suspect that perhaps when he pulled out the dash (which, without disconnecting the speedo cable, doesn’t give you a lot of room) he may have unseated the connector of the black/white wire that feeds voltage to all of the idiot lights. That would be directly at the rear of the instrument panel. I’m somewhat confused, though, with your statement that the battery light worked, but now nothing works - I assume that the battery light is now not working either, even though the bulb is ok, right??
    Bex ·
    I’m not sure if my response will help you - my car originally came with a metal bar in the back, under the bumper, that actually serves to protect the gas tank from the rear. When I bought my hitch, it did not come with the bolts. But I used the bolts that had affixed that original metal bar, to the frame. I have read other posts on the forum where installing the hitch was not nearly as easy as mine was - I just removed the original metal bar and my hitch was such that the bolt holes in the hitch lined up to exactly where the holes in the frame were. If the rain stops (LOL) I’ll go out and measure them for you.
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