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  • scottrochny ·
    The front wheels read 43MPH and the backs both read 37MPH. I tried both Beck-Arnley and Timken hubs on the rear. Same results. Do I need to replace the abs control/pump? I can not find out much info on C1033. The SX4 shop manual says could be a sensor, hub, or the control pump.
    scottrochny ·
    Hi Jeff, My 2008 SX4 AWD gets an ABS code C1033.
    The AUTO light flashes (4WD turned off) and the [brake] and [ABS] lights come on
    I replaced all 4 hubs and all 4 sensors/wires.
    Any ideas?
    yamato123 ·
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    MadMax21 ·
    Hello there Jeff. I just registered to the forum only to ask you a question so i would much appreciate it if you would help.
    I was reading a thread back from 2010 about the stupid SX4 side mirror bolts getting loose. I read you saying that you dont even have to open the car's door and you made this very clear so i m asking. Is that perfectly right..? Is there way to repair with a closed door? How do i reveal the bolts..?
    Please spent a minute to answer me, i want to change them my self but the car is not mine and i am a little afraid i might brake something.
    Thanks in advance
    Baron ·
    Hey Jeff, sorry to post this on your wall like this regarding Alternator removal.

    I've noticed on a few threads and I think you actually posted on one that we can jack up the motor to assist with this amazingly stupendously difficult procedure lovingly referred to as 'alternator removal'.

    My question is, is there an easier way that i am missing?...and if not, just how high can we jack this bad boy up once the passenger side motor mount and airbox is removed?

    Thanks in advance if you can offer some suggestions.
    tenux73 ·
    Hi Jeff, I have a 2009 J20A GV. If I may ask, is it possible to swap the engine with J23A from Aerio? Is J20A and J23A has the same layout/wiring?

    pchyen ·
    Hi Jeff, I have a friend with a 2008 Suzuki Swift with 144,000km on it and her A/C failed this year.

    Do you know if it's most likely the compressor clutch that's broken? (did some search and came across a few threads but seems to affect SX4's not Swifts?)

    The A/C light turns on, we do hear a "click" and the system is fully charged with no leaks.
    Ursula ·
    Hi Jeff. You helped out greatly with my last sx4 problem... vibration in the driveshaft. Here's hoping you can solve this mystery. Squeling noise...replaced serpentine belt...still squealing a bit... replaced belt tensioner.. still making noise. Put a little break fluid on the belt...noise went away, but came back. Is the problem the old factory belt and new other brand belt? What to do next? Go for belt #3 or should I be looking elsewhere? Thanks for any advice. Ursula
    Whitey97120 ·
    I was curious if you could help me with some info. I had to replace the intake Maniflod harness on my 04 Verona. After replacing it my car still wont run. Do you know of any other common problems that are cuased by this harness going out? Any info would be a HUGE help!! Thank you for your time!!
    hiphop514 ·
    Hello Jeff. Can you confirm if all 2006-2011 Grand Vitara, 2007-2011 SX4 and 2007-2009 XL-7 all have the same part number for the passenger seat mat sensor? thank you!
    SNO Kat ·
    Jeff.. I am looking for a passenger seat, that has the working Airbag sensor, I have a 2008 SX4 Stad (5 speed) non heated seats. If you have or no of any seats.. let me know..

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