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  • Bex ·
    Personally, I’d still just copy and paste the ‘visitor message’ that you sent to me, into a thread on the forum, as it will help others. And at the end of the post, indicate that you have extra speedometer gears, if anyone is interested. By the way, I don’t adhere to the ‘can’t teach an old dog new tricks’ adage. Your excuse that because you’re a senior you’re lacking computer skills!! Hahaha.
    Bex ·
    You should really start a post and put your info in, so that it can help others who might have the same problem. My only caveat would be working on the steering wheel, without disabling the air bag system. People can get seriously hurt that way. And surely, it would be a good idea to check the bulb/wiring to the check engine light, which serves not only as a ‘service engine soon’ function, but would tell you if you have codes....???
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