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  • regwal ·
    Hi again Marvin. I searched through many many post until I found yours on hardware you made for 95 soft top. I made mine from sides of an old dryer and thought it would last...but. I think bends I made weakened the brackets and eventually the bracket tended to loosen where top was held. My health still isn't that great but at 80 we have to accept youth is in our past, right? I have and old aluminum boat top (1") that I will use for my hardware, using your ideas. I plan to saw where rear brackets round the corner holding top flap in place, and after shaping, weld and grind smooth. This might be wishful thinking on my part. My vertical plastic brackets are good, fortunately. Hope all is well with you. Reg
    regwal ·
    Hi Marvin. Am I correct thinking you made side brackets for attaching a soft top on 95-98 tracker. Health has improved a little so getting back on project of attaching soft top to my 95. I think we talked about this before. Thanks
    Bex ·
    Hi Marvin....I've bounced your cool idea of your interactive chart to Max. His response: It sounds like a permissible chart to me, but I know not how to make it an executable item to use on the Forum. Hosted somewhere first maybe? Or send to personal e-mails upon individual request, possibly?

    I'd bounce it off Admin

    So, I'll let you know what I hear from them.

    All the best
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