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  • mcancill ·
    Hey Fordem, I was wondering if you could provide a bit more information to help me out about my suspension on my 93 Geo Tracker 4x4. I’m reading this thread where you give some great info:

    I’m having the same issue that my Geo is super rough. I drive both on and off road. My question is: how do I know the suspension is still doing it’s job and the rough ride is just ‘normal’ rough. The previous owner lifted this Tracker in the past slightly. How would I evaluate if the shocks should be replaced?
    Paula P ·
    fordem, thanks for your reply reference my Flashing Heater/blower knob, my suzuki is a vitara 1.6 petrol 3dr 2007 . I'm new to this site so I'm not too sure if I've posted this correctly. ?? does this help ? the book says take to a dealer if it flashes, but that will be very expensive !! ??
    Brit101 ·
    Fordem can you change a character in my heading of a post?
    "What did you do to your Esteem/Boleno today/", it should have a question mark at the end, not a slash. Would you be so kind and change it, about four down in the Esteem forum?
    regwal ·
    Thanks Fordem. Rhinoman PMed me saying he passed my problem along to you. I could not get on site no matter what was tried. A long shot was reaching someone to help and it worked. I was going nuts. Thank you for whatever you did for it was easy to get on and reset PW.
    richycat ·
    Hi, I have a 2007 suzuki sx4 with a bad engine. Is there an engine i can use instead of the sx4 engine? like an aerio or reno engine? thank you
    big ed ·
    What does it take to get off my back...he has with me ever sense he couldn't tolerate me putting a locker in this 2wd. Surly you two can see that its that is so petty...she going to have the last word no matter what and she is the first one to tell somebody they don't know what there talking about. I don't know how the pecking order works on one of these forums but you must be able to understand why people get a little pissed off. You don't need to respond and I do see what a bad spot you mods are in but just saying!!!
    gcpdriver ·
    I suspect that after a good start, when the thermostat opens and the hot coolant passes by the various sensors, the signals are sent to the ECM and then other signals are sent back to the various solenoid valves or to the Emission controls and then I get the problem..I also suspect that it is vacuum related due to the fact that I can put a good driving load on the car and it seems to work fine and develop good power... until I have to put the clutch in or slow and stop at a stop sign and then it goes back to an idle condition (ie. no strong vacuum, no high RPM) and it dies. I have noticed that the Vapor Canister does NOT have the Canister Purge solenoid downstream in the is missing. And the owner before me did not replace the Catalytic too is missing...however this is a '90 Tracker and it has no sensor down at the Catalytic Converter...according to the book.
    gcpdriver ·

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    90 Tracker Dies when Thermostat Opens - HELP - Who can solve the mystery?

    Hi Fordem, you helped me before and seemed to know right where to look ...maybe you or someone you know could help me with this problem. Thanks

    '90 Tracker, 8V, 5speed, Starts on 1st try every time, idle is perfect (1550 then drops to 800), BUT when thermostat opens (about 2.5-3min after start) then the idle gets rough, and if left in idle condition, the car will sputter and die. BUT If you drive out and put a load on the car and drive it consistently, you detect NO PROBLEM...until you come to a stop sign, and the car returns to idle...then it dies and will not start again until it cools to a closed thermostat condition (10-15min. later).
    Elite ·
    Hiya, I sa that you can get the colour code with the VIN, the code has been scratched off on the car.
    here is the VIN: VSEETV02CNA206781
    Thank you very much for your time.
    SuperMario93 ·
    Hi fordem I got your reply. i just replied to the thread stating that no that pic isnt my engine and i posted a pic of my engine.
    dogz25 ·
    hi you posted about this, how do you stop oil entering the spark plug housing. i got about half inch in mine. many thanks for any info cheers.
    On these engines a leaking valve cover gasket will get oil on the outside of the engine, not where the plugs are, however, a leaking plug tube O-ring is a different matter - that will, depending on how bad it is, allow the plug tube to slowly fill with oil - but - you end up with oil on the outside of the plug, the metal shell, the insulator, and the coil pack.
    Bex ·
    That Nitto Tire thing is back on the forum again. You cannot post to it, and at the bottom it says that it is from Post Release, and that Suzuki Forums is a member of Post Release. It's about giving away free tires, and they want all sorts of info. I have copied the link to it:
    Looking for volunteers to test new tires- keep the set
    99VicZuki ·
    Hi Fordem,
    I was wondering if you know of a source for wheel flares for a 1999 Suzuki Vitara 3door? I am willing to look anywhere in the world.
    fordem ·
    09823-40021 - SEAL, REAR CASE OIL - used on 1.6L SideKicks 89~98 & 2.5L Grand Vitara 99~05

    33705-66D00 - CORD SET, HIGH TENSION - used on the 1.6L Esteem 99~02 (this is a sedan, no 4WD)

    If you're shopping on line, SouthWest Suzuki Motors (Suzuki Parts | OEM Suzuki Parts | Genuine Suzuki Parts) will have Suzuki Genuine Parts at discount prices, RockAuto (RockAuto Auto Parts) - both vendors have what you're looking for.

    You may be able to just walk into the closest auto parts chain - Napa, AutoZone, Advance Auto, etc - and if they don't have what you need on the shelf, they can usually get it in store in 2~3 days.
    VNonna ·
    Helloo Fordem: the Vin # is JSAFTBO3V00217608, looking for a rear transfer case seal (this is a 4x4), an auto supply person said this should match a sidekick/tracker up to 1998? the Esteem did not have 4wd so dont know if that matters. I just need the wire number again, Thanks for everything. VNonna
    fordem ·
    If you give me the VIN numbers, along with a description of the parts you need, in most cases I can look up the required part numbers, and from that check to see which vehicles the part was used on.
    VNonna ·
    Hello Fordem: Thanks your for your consideration and time. The plugs you mentioned in your last note seem to be the ones to match. The transfer case seal I am looking for is for the rear, which is a large seal which is wide. I have some sweating so I know it needs to be changed. You mentioned the Suz. Esteem which seems to match my engine size of 1.6 and was sold in the USA. So i am looking for that part as well. If you have a VIN # would that assist you? sorry I did not look back in our past correspondence so you may have asked me already. I have a friend with an older Jimney 1990 or so who also needs a rear transfer case seal, but that model for sure was not sold in the USA and wonder if a Sumarai seal might fit. Thank you again. VNOnna
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