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  • ROXtreme ·
    Hi there. You don't know me but I was reading your thread from way back in 2009 and am interested in seeing these pictures that you had posted a link to. I've got clutch problems too. Are these photos still available? The link to them is not working.

    Check out this link, my build thread on it has the pictures of when I changed mine.

    :: View topic - Walbro 255 Pump Installed - Turbo Optra
    maurice61 ·
    Hello i was wondering if you had the exhaust timing gear for the 2005 fornza or know where i can get one?they are not cheap at the dealer,not that im cheap but i need it to put the car back together to see what else is wrong..Thanks
    dragonclass ·
    You need to post your project on even setup a group since you're one of the icons. Its a good site for all ex-socialized car domain users. Good luck, Brad
    exist3nce ·
    xchurch173 - I never had any made as I went turbo right away. Any decent exhaust/fabrication shop that does custom work should be able to make you a header. Only thing is that custom work is expensive.

    MsQPT - Sorry the video is no longer online.
    xchurch173 ·
    hi exist3nce, i saw a really old post you had about having headers made and i was wondering if it was still possible to get the n/a headers. i've been trying to find some or something similar i could use instead of having them made myself and was wondering if you were still able to get them
    MsOPT ·
    anywhere else I can see of you racing the cobalt SS/SC? The link in the OLD post is no longer available
    exist3nce ·
    The connection I believe you are referring to is a quick connect fitting.. it can be separated by pulling the little clip out of the side of the plastic connector and then lifting up. If the leak is coming from inbetween the fittings it is likely the little O ring inside that would need to be replaced. I don't imagine the leak could be elsewhere on the bellhousing side of the fitting since the whole thing is a hardline that goes directly to the slave cylinder inside the trans. The only other place I could see a leak is on the rubber hose side of the connection... I'm not sure if that side is replaceable or how far up the line would need to be replaced..

    Chances are that its the O ring inside the fitting causing your leak.
    econguy ·
    Hi exist3nce,
    I hope you can help me. I have a 2005 Suzuki Forenza manual sedan that is leaking clutch fluid at the base of the plastic piece with the bleeder nut on it that connects connects the hydraulic fluid hose to the pipe inside the bell housing. What I'm trying to figure out is if this piece, which is on the outside of the bell housing, can be replaced from the outside. Or, does it have to be attached from the inside. Any assistance you can offer is appreciated. Thank you, Martin.
    matrixifyme ·
    I saw your response on a thread regarding an oxygen sensor for the suzuki forenza. You sound knowledgable and I was hoping you could help answer my question.
    The problem is with the oxygen sensors around the front catalytic converter. As I understand it has 2 oxygen sensors, one before the converter and one after. My question is, are these identical parts? Because when I'm purchasing parts, there is "upstream" and "downstream" sensors but I am under the impression that downstream refers to the exhaust sensor, whereas I need the sensors for the Front Catalytic converter.

    Thank you so much,
    flhtcui ·
    hi My daughter has an 06 forenza with the clutch slave cylinder leaking. She is coming this weekend to have me repair it. You said you had pic's, I would love to have them if you could send them to me at [email protected] Guess the part is dealer only from what all the auto parts stores say. I can't even find a picture of it anywhere. She lives in Kansas City Missouri and me in Harrison Arkansas, no Suzuki dealer close.
    Any pic's would be appreciated. She is going to pick up the part and bring it down.
    jnthn123 ·
    hey mate listen i need a set of reno headlights. can you please check how much they are new and shipping costs to malta (Europe) thanks. i will pay you with paypal pm me with details. thanksss a lot
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