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  • Naarna ·
    Does anyone know where i can purchase 4 alloy wheel centre caps for a wagon R ive tried Ebay & Amazon but they dont stock the right centres. Thanks
    Hey Darrell,
    you was right!!!!!! I figured out what it was my problem..... I was confused from the instruction of AXXESS.... This dudes, use on their picture the female harmless connector, not the male 1721 manufacturer connector. But they don't mentions it....

    Becouse of that I did everything backwards.... But when I looked again in your picture, I realized my mistake.....

    Thank you so much for the help!!!! I really appreciate it!!!
    Max ·
    Didn't resetting your old account password as suggested by ADMIN do the login trick?

    And on e-mailed notifications, I MAY get a couple a week, way fewer than what should be sent to me.
    vinnieg ·

    Can you send me the wiring diagrham for a 2006 suzuki forenza that would encompass the cig lighter and the aux lighter?
    monkeyd ·
    my side trims is the right 1s just need seats and belts but having bother finding them

    any idea where i could get them thanks
    dragonmaster ·
    thanks for your reply and diagram. saved it. going to wait for warmer weather and try changing them over. will also look for further replies from other users
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