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  • Bex ·
    No, I am psychic. I can see you with my third eye. You are short, blond, clean shaven and very skinny. I would recognize you anywhere.
    Rhinoman ·
    Hi Jane
    No problem, hope you're having a good holiday. I think you're in Southern Ireland aren't you? so you should have a water supply still. I'm just waiting for the snow then I have to replace the cat on the Baleno, it broke down on Christamas Eve!
    aquanaut20 ·
    Just a quick note to let you know I am doing well.

    I also wish to let you know That I feel for Jerry and his frustration. I have monitored the forum closely this past week and it is quickly degenerating into a condition (uneducated, free for all) similar to another auto forum that I moderated (past tense).

    I have come to the conclusion that the members are more prone to guessing and seem to find diagnosing and following known principles to be arduous. I will continue to visit, but I am not predisposed to compete with Looking glasses and anecdotal fixes.

    On the bright side, I pray that you have a happy Christmas , and all that you need is granted.... Bless you for you dedication and listening shoulder...
    loosenut ·
    Easy kind of hell to become the thing we hate. Jerry has little patients for fools and I hope he staged his own death just to hear how badly missed he would be ;)
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