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  • Bex ·
    I have the EPC and can look up the part numbers to see if they are the same. The rule of thumb is making sure that the number of doors on the donor is similar to your car. And your 98 Chevy is a bit of a transition year. Is the 92 also 2 door? Presumably that is the 3 speed auto. Are you? More info needed.
    pvtcook ·
    Bex I hate to bother you but I'm really needing some info on my broken bell housing. I have a 98 2dr 1.6/auto. I found a housing from a 92 model at a salvage yard but its still between the tranny/ I can't compare them. He said he would sell it to me for $40 but I'm not sure it will interchange. Do you know if it will? Thanks
    henry_sidekick ·
    HI Bex,

    I have a suzuki sidekick sport that I recently bought. It came without a thermostat so I decided to install one. After installing it, the car began to overheat. The lower hose was not even hot after I ran the car, but the temperature on my gauge read almost HOT.
    Please note also: I have just remove the thermostat from my suzuki, and it does not get hot, it stays above the "C" reading.
    IT only gets hot when there is a thermostat. I bought a thermostat that opens at 190 F but I dont know if i should get one that opens at 160 F.

    My car is a suzuki sidekick 1997 sport, 1.8 Automatic. Please help

    Bex ·
    The valve cover on the 16v will normally say 16v right on it. On one of your posts, I posted a photo of the 8v engine - on the 8v engine, the spark plugs come up at an angle, on the 16v, the plugs come straight up. Look at the photo in the post on the forum - that's the 8v engine.
    Ira ·
    Hey, Bex. How do I know which engine I have?

    The label on the hood indicates:

    Engine Displacement 1.6
    Idle Speed 800
    (Plus other stuff)

    But is it 8v or 16V? Do I have to look elsewhere for that?

    Bex ·
    Ah, no, it was a photo I found on the internet of a crashed Tracker. Mine actually looks worse...;)
    Bex ·
    Thanks for message, James, and hope that my photos were of some help to you. Interested to see that video, too. And thanks for the heads up on the Webers - I tend not to read up on the latest re carbs, etc., so good to know. When one is an 'expert' then you are entitled to write 5 or 6 confusing posts in a row, instead of answering in one clear sentence. I have to practice that. Hope all is well....
    Rhinoman ·
    Lol, he annoys me with his incessant posts about what he does and doesn't do to all his Track/Kicks.
    I've made quite a bit of progress with the early 8V ECUs, I'm waiting for some prototype board to be delivered so I can build modded bench test ECU. Its a long time since I looked at these ECUs and I have better tools now. The early code is very similar to the later code but much easier to read. When I get the new set up running I'll produce a video, its pretty cool what you can do with TunerPro.
    Incidently the latest Webers come with the anti-stall mod as standard, the overflow from the float bowl is now taken out externally and you're supposed to plumb it into the charcoal canister to be burnt off by the evap control.
    aquanaut20 ·
    Hi Jane,

    Thanks for the comforting note.

    I have had quite a poor 2+ months, started with massive bleeding, then to renal failure, emergency surgery with the past 2 weeks running >40* temp (massive, flaming infection, MD's quote). Have been getting better past 4 days, will be back in saddle again soon... (Feel like an 8V with a blown head gasket, rusted pump and a well damaged snout, LOL) ....Philip
    aquanaut20 ·
    "BUMP" is a method of advancing the thread to the head of the line without any additional information.... Philip
    Bex ·
    Hi, yeah I am originally from NY, and brought my 91 Tracker over here. Fortunately there are Suzuki Vitara parts here that I can order and use. Otherwise I have to do the internet thing and get killed with postage. I have seen only about 2 or 3 other small Vitaras over here (mostly the Grand Vitara). My car has always lived in the rust belt - rusty and crusty, and I had have a chassis weld and wheelhouse replacement done in the last couple of years. But the engine is prime. Love it, and I would pit it against anything on the road.
    tpatrickd1 ·
    Bex Hi I`m a newby on this forum. Do you have a tracker on the emerald isle? I just gotta know are there many trackers in your area. I know they are hard to find here in South Dakota. The ones I have are all on their last legs and one of them is so ugly the wife won`t let me drive it. But I`m going to part it out and get some valuable parts.
    Bex ·
    Will go back through my maintenance files and tyr to get the info for you - I had the rad put in a couple of years ago. It is not Suzuki stock, from what I remember - but have had no trouble with it. Will get back to you.
    gussieg ·
    thanks for your advice Bex and would really appreciate any lead on getting a rad for this baby. my son is going away tomorrow so will be able to devote time to getting it sorted.
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