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  • flipcore ·
    I've never dreamed about doing such a thing to a suzuki but I have work tomorrow and yeah :( Will do my best but yeah
    flipcore ·
    Hi Bex,

    I can't find the ignition lead order for a Baleno you have any idea? Would help me heaps, one of the spark plug leads has melted and I can't get the rest of the gunk out. Could I run it on three cylinders for a bit? (my suzuki cino was more reliable :p )
    the flying scotsman ·
    Bex: I wanted to post a series of pictures of a 2 door sectioning job I did recently and some hard top brackets I found and also made up. My IT person says I've reached my limit to post pictures. Can you help me as moderator? Regards, Angus Murray
    larrylinda ·
    hello, after looking at some of your advise I need some.
    I have a 98 sidekick,2wh dr, 65k miles, maybe in an accident,[repainted, maybe a new pass side ft. fender], undersides look great, ac,no power steering,5 speed.
    we tow this with our rv, have a quality tow bar,and the strangest thing happens when we take left or right turns when towing. the sidekick upon the turn to straight starts to go left then right [front wheels], with very violent action until we stop. we have had an alignment, camber bolt on dr. side set.,new tires on all 4, 23psi, standard size/pressure, seems the steering box has been adjusted, don't know if too lose/tight ,new struts, once we pull off from a slow start and turn everything works fine.why would the front wheels start to turn l/r so radically at a slow speed and not center themselves?
    Bex ·
    Which fuses is he talking about? Frankly, it sounds like your mechanic is not tremendously familiar with the car. In any event, are you saying that the 91 ECU blew fuses, or that the 91 ECU is running the car?? I think if you want to continue this, we should go to 'private messages' rather than through visitors messages.....
    tonytracker ·
    Hey my mechanic just informed me that besides replacing the ecm there were also fuses blown that was replaced. He said before trying to get it towed try and checking the fuses under the dash. If they are blown, then the culprit would be a ground issue? also he has my 94 ecm still. i am getting it back and going to attempt to fix it using mouser electronic parts. until i get it fixed, and if i can get the car back on the road, can i just keep using the 91 ecm for now? it was working fine with no engine codes
    tonytracker ·
    Dang Bex! I did not get this info you gave me until just now. I gave the mechanic the other ecm and he installed it. Worked for about 6 hours and blew it. My car is currently in the middle of down town lombard lol. Okay i will tell him to give me back my old one and see what i can do. It looked like one of those black cylinder looking things you mentioned got burned up. He showed me it.
    Thanks for the heads up!
    Bex ·
    The ECU transfer will not work - the models change, along with sensors and circuits. There are 3 capacitors that we all have had to change out of the 1989-1995 ECU's as they tend to leak or dry up. It's a $5 fix, and any computer geek can solder them in for you, clean up your circuit board, etc. Remove your 94 ECU and open it up - you will see 3 capacitors sticking up, normally black with an X on the top - they may or may not say Rubycon on them. The caps are the C101, C103 and the C111 locations.
    c111 [email protected]

    c103 [email protected] .

    c101 [email protected]

    The above reference numbers are the reference numbers at Mouser Electronics - Electronic Components Distributor

    Edit: The caliper swap probably won't work - the parts catalog gives the calipers for the 94 vs the 91 a different part number.....:(
    tonytracker ·
    Hey bex i have a few parts im using from a 91 geo tracker 2x4 auto tbi 8v into a 94 4x4 auto tbi 8v. I was considering using the front brake calipers, and the ecm. My ecm on my 94 went out (or thats what my mechanic thinks). it has no spark, fuel, and also no signal to sensors. also my driver front caliper is making noise (sounds like guide pin is rubbing inside of caliper) and i wanted to swap calipers. is this okay?
    tonytracker ·
    hey bex,
    my gf's tracker is rubbing on front bumper. we are getting it painted soon and first want to lift it somewhat to stop the rubbing. i saw a few cheap 2 inch coil spacer lifts on ebay and was considering buying them. any info on them? we were looking at the aluminum spacers vs. polyurethane spacers. is there one better than the other? do they make noises/squeaking noises. fyi the lift is only for show, my gf is a good safe driver who does not off road or need any lift besides for clearance.
    vehicle specs: 92 4x4 automatic tracker
    Kennynva ·
    Sorry for butting in..but I had a friend that had that lower pulley issue...bolt was loose, complete mess up the end of the crank..key-way needed a new crank to fix it...or weld the pulley on the end of the crankshaft(which I would't do)...another tracked went to the scrap yard..after I took my parts of course..
    Bex ·
    The problem can be either worn cogs on the crank pulley, a bad belt, not having the crank pulley bolt torqued to 94 ft/lbs which leads to the dreaded keyway shearing on the crank snout so that the pulley is no longer aligned properly. The crank pulley is what keeps the belt from walking into the cover. When you last changed the timing belt, did you remove the center bolt on the crank pulley (not necessary to do), and if so, torque it properly when you replaced it? If the belt is ok, I'd check the pulley alignment, bolt torque, and, with fingers and toes crossed, the keyway (although there is a fix for this on the forum). Good luck.
    roadtech ·
    Good Day Bex
    I have read several threads and it appears I have the dreaded swollen timing belt cover issue. I have been snowmobile trail grooming now for a few weeks and after spending hours at 10km/h in this rig you get to notice the engine sounds. Heard something rubbing in the engine Bay today and saw the light rub mark of the bottom pulley on the timing belt cover. Got home pulled the belt off and it has just started to rub but it will be through in no time if I continue to operate this unit.
    This unit runs so smooth I can't believe there could be any other issues but asking you here I'm ready to be educated. I live north of Edmonton Alberta and feel I should be able to order the necessary parts.
    The unit has 105000km and is a 1991 Geo auto 3 speed.
    The geo with the snow tracks on have worked flawless so I would be prepared to pay the Piper.
    Thanks in advance
    Don Clark
    Bex ·
    I would first confirm that I actually needed a headgasket, rather than doing all this work on 'I think I have one'. There are ways to test the coolant for exhaust gas, checking the oil for coolant, etc. Presumably, you have overheated the car....If so, there is a possibility that the head is warped and needs to be checked and/or re-milled, so no, a tear down would be in your future.
    middo81 ·
    Can I ask you some advise, you seem to really know your Suzuki's. Mate I have a 92 Suzuki Vitara with the G16b engine and I think I have a blown headgasket, Is it possible to change the head gasket without taking apart the head? i.e. all valves etc? Cheer mate hope to hear from you soon?
    Bex ·
    Nope, most certainly not. The ECU for the 95 governs spark - the 89 has a stand alone distributor. A totally different animal. Spec out your 95 - the ECU is different for TBI, MPI, manual tranny, auto tranny, California emissions, etc. Most of them are not interchangeable. The safest thing to do is to get the model number of the ECU that came with your car, and get the same model. If you have a current ECU that is not working, normally it is only 3 capacitors that need to be changed - a $5.00 fix - so give more info as to your problem, or are you just looking for a spare??
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