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  • aquanaut20 ·
    Long time no chat, but I see you have been promoted to a super! Congrats! Philip
    Bex · ·
    I’m having a really difficult time moving around all the new forum stuff. I see that writing on ‘my profile’ must be the same as what visitor messages used to Anyway, I saw that ‘super moderator’ thing yesterday too. I think it’s only because of the way that the new website is set up - my ‘abilities’ are no different than they were before (actually worse, as now I don’t know how to do anything....)......
    Bex · ·
    (I see I can only submit 420 characters?? - so here is the 2nd part of what I wrote: I’m glad to see you around here much more often, which would tend to make me think that things are going well for you, and you’re feeling better. Always love to read (and learn from) your posts - even though I often wish they were a bit longer so I could understand them better!! All the best, ‘Bex’
    jimmfd43 ·
    Bex, here alternator went bad and I had my "GOODEST" mechanic friend test it out and found it was bad. I ordered a new one from AMAZON for $82(supposed to fit)and when it didn't because the plug would not fit, ( and the one here in town was $140, he cut the plug off and neatly spliced the wires to get it to work correctly: now charges battery. OK, with that being said...The battery light in the instrument cluster was burned out and he (did not have another) pulled another bulb and it worked, NOW, none of the instrument light come on. He checked each light ground and that was good. He checked the fuse box, and THAT was ok. Is there another fuse cluster for the idiot lights? Sorry about my explanations, but mechanics is not my cup of tea. I am now heading for the parts store for another bulb. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
    gregoryc ·
    I think "old dog" learned a new trick and posted, under speed sensor replacement. Modified to caution disable SIR. I use my Geo as a RV Toad with luxury of master disconnect switch before I touch anything. My extra parts would be available for shipping charge only, (I assume purchase price as a learning fee), hope that isn't policy conflict.
    gregoryc ·
    Did not have sufficient posting space, so I deleted much information. Apologize as a senior I am lacking computer skills. You offered so much insight to my problem I didn't want my 3 mnths parts search process wasted. Original narrative included "disable air bag", no automotive expert, but 30 yrs of safety engineering experience. For me easy, my vehicle is configured for RV towing, walk to front bumper disconnect ALL power master switch. NOTE: I was looking for original Speed Sensor posts to add this information, but couldn't find it. Thank you and this forum for great assistance! If anyone can use them, I did have NEW speedometer gears not used, costs more in shipping to return than part cost.
    gregoryc ·
    1996 Geo, 2dr, 4wd, 3sp auto (GM 3L30), ( Suziki Sidekick, SE416, E03 , C)
    This forum has great resource. I'm driving without an active “engine service” light . Maybe my notes will assist with other “Vehicle Speed Sensor” or speedometer problems.

    Replaced gauge cluster to correct sensor problem. NOTE: 1) check all lights (air bag AND seat belt lights were burned out), 2) while installing steering wheel pushed the indexing pins down preventing their insertion into slots.

    Replaced speedometer cable due to noise. However, transfer case plastic gear had been damagedby cable resistant.

    Original , GM #91171119 (Red), 22 tooth, 3spd Auto 4WD
    Monster Factory Parts, Suz #29421-60A31(Red), 22 tooth, OD 25.9mm, CORRECT PART, 3sp AT, 4WD
    MegaZip, Suz #26131-60A50 (Grn), 23 tooth, OD 25.3mm,(?4spd AT,4WD?)

    PATC LLC eBAY, #362394292007, 19 tooth, OD 21.2mm, ??2WD??

    NOTE: transfer case internal speed gear OD’s were specific to each gear tooth design.
    jimmfd43 ·
    Hi Bex.....Do you know what size bolt a trailer hitch uses for my 93 SS JX? Not sure if the bolts come with the hitch, and cannot find the answer online so doing my homework just in case....looking underneath, appears to be about a 12mm... Thanks in advance...Jim
    Bear95 ·
    LOL...You know it wasn't about you!
    I am doing great except for the heat here. We had three cool weeks of rain from tropical disturbances that caused major flooding. Then the heat wave came and it has been 90+ degrees with 90% humidity so it has been brutal.
    I haven't seen many posts that I felt like my contributions would be helpful so I have just been lurking.
    I am glad you are well,
    Bear95 ·
    I logged out and the "thanks" button isn't available. It is located in the lower right corner of the pane when logged in.
    Bear95 ·
    Bex, This is the Toyota forum I belong to: Camry 3rd & 4th Gen (1992-1996 & 1997-2001)/1st Gen Solara (1999-2003) - Toyota Nation Forum : Toyota Car and Truck Forums
    It is an Autoguide site as well. See how the sticky section is divided by the bold black line? It causing ppl to pay attention to the important site stuff before posting.
    I would ask the kings of this site to add this to help new members, but when I asked about the "Like Button" that we now have, I got a smart ass reply wanting to know did I know of people who wanted it. You also will see on the Toyota that they have a "Thanks" button that I like as well.
    Could you ask about a divider between the stickys and the general section of the forum if in your opinion you think it will help?
    MyFox ·
    Bex this is myfox you were in process of telling me how to trick computer no crankshaft sensor you needed more information I sent it Could you finishing telling me how to trick the ecm ty myfox
    TrackerNewbi ·
    Hi Bex,
    You have been providing me with very helpful information with my frame issues. I have looked at your post quite a few times. I am trying to figure out what would be involved with replacing my 4x4 frame with a 2 wheel drive frame. They are both automatic so I think the gearing would be the same. I dont think there would be may things to swap.
    GA_Boy ·
    Hi Bex, I have created a MPR/RPM charts in MS EXCEL and would like to post them so that anyone with MS EXCEL can use them. 2 charts on the same page-----one enter the MPH and it will give the RPM. The other enter the RPM and it will give the MPH. 1-5th gear.
    If you think it would benefit others just let me know how to post it.
    regwal ·
    Bex, I have been unable to get into this site since last June. No matter what I did, I could only get so far then nothing. As a long shot I ask James Holland (Rinoman), if he could contact a moderator and explain the situation as I told it to him. Today I thought about my request to James and made another attempt, and got in. If you were the contact he made I thank you so much. I have missed reading the post and have spent all afternoon reading through them. I will soon turn 80 and I'm trying to preserve my 95 Tracker for a GGD.

    Your posts have been a god send to this old man, checking things out and looking for trouble spots with rust. I have to remove the AC/Heater box to repair drain tube, and posted that today. If you have tips or links related to this repair I would love to read about it. Reg
    TrackerNewbi ·
    Thanks for all of your information. I will let you know how I decide to proceed with my TinTop. It can be amazing how easy it can be to overlook my resources since I have been surrounded by them all of my life. My dad is awesome and can make anything out of nothing.
    Thanks again
    Nickman80 ·
    Hi bex, i could not post my picture with egr valve, could you have a look and tell me if it good or bad egr. Thank you
    View image: image
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