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  • Quist ·
    Hey B,
    Re: "and yep, I'm the same Baratacus from SD surf."
    Wasn't that - which is now shut down?
    Some of those same people are on

    Alan Shoquist
    zuki student ·
    Hey Bud, my name is Dave. I just joined this sight under the name "zuki studen" because I am way on the learning curve haha. I saw one of your posts where you were assisting someone on a charcoal canister. I am in Atascadero, above San Luis Obispo by the way. If I read correctly you said that there is NO hose connected to the bottom of the canister is that correct? I have the fuel line from the carb going to the canister on the top closest to the passenger wall. Can you tell me where the other two lines that go into the canister come from? Pics would be way awesome. I have an 87 JA. It came with a 1.6 8 valve out of what I dont know. This didnt have any smog crap on it whatsoever. I bought a 1.3 intake with carb from a guy up north, we put the intake and carb on and I have been replacing hoses. It currently runs good, but I am still going lol. Like I said any advice on the canister would be greatly appreciated
    Thanks Dave
    [email protected]
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