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  • Vsarroyo ·
    Hi 7-even,
    I'm back again. You helped me before too and now I have another question. I have been told that I need an 02 sensor-downstream for my 2007 suzuki forenza. It's the one that is behind the catalytic converter. Is there any way to find the part number for that? I called Auto zone and they said it costs $118.00. I looked on Ebay and they have them for $30-$40 but I'm not sure if it's the right part. The only way I can be sure about the part is if I had the part number. Can you help me please?
    jonkatcol ·
    Hi there, another newbie to the forum. I have an 07 Forenza wagon. I just had the timing belt and water pump replaced (friend/semi retired mech). When I got it back it had a terrible rattle that changes with motor speed. It sounds like it is in the top of the engine close to the cam. sort of like a gear rubbing on something. But when you get up to speed, (about 50ish) and it gets into high gear It disappears. When rpms drop it starts again. We replaced the tensioner as well with no change. I have had the Trans range sensor replaced (twice) recently. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
    Vsarroyo ·
    Hi 7-even
    I am hoping you can help me with my dilemma. I have had the trs changed on my car twice in the last 8 months; last time a month ago but now I have codes that are p0717 and p0718 but it still slams into gear like the trs problem. My son tried to adjust the trs when he replaced it but then finally took it back out and started over again with the flat edge and matched it up. Could this still be the trs? The p0717 and p0718 say it's the input speed sensor but would this cause the car to slam into gear the same way as if the trs is bad? I am hoping it's not the input speed sensor because that is under the transmission oil pan and then under the valve body. Apparently according to Suzuki parts dept this speed sensor is inside the transmission and not on the outside. Please help!!!
    fana740 ·
    i bought a Suzuki Forenza 2006 , and i need to get the car to get inspected at the local motor vehicle, but there is a problem with the car.i took the car to a mechanic and he put the computer on the car and the computer is saying that there is a problem with the transmission. the car runs really well. there is a light that remains on the speedometer, the reason why i took it to the mechanic. is there a way to fix that light ? i neew help
    Zyla ·
    I certainly hope I'm not ruining the transmission by doing this. Is it bad to go back and forth from shifting "manually" and just leaving it in Drive? I also noticed that when I floored it from a 20mph roll earlier in 1st gear, the car felt like it was downshifting, then something felt as if it was slipping, you know, it was laggy, but felt like it was trying to go, then it finally got up and went. It could be my almost-bald tires. But still, could you tell me if I'm ruining my car? I want to have the feel of a manual, but without the clutch work, and with the option of putting it in Drive when I need to. Thanks in advance.
    Zyla ·
    Hey there, it's me again.
    I came to you since I know you're always a great help and I figured you might have some experience in the field of knowledge I'm about to mention. So, as you know, I have an automatic transmission in my Reno. Being the type of driver that I am, I enjoy the feel of shifting the gears like a manual transmission, while still having the option to put the car in Drive and let the car do the shifting itself. Well, about a week or two ago, I decided to try shifting through the gears myself as I drove. I'd start in 1, go up to 2 at around 4k, then 3 at 3k, and then D would act as 4th gear. The thing is, I occasionally feel the need for speed and floor the car in 1st or 2nd. I also don't always do the shifting myself, it's an off and on thing. But you see, today, I noticed that while the car was in Drive, the shifts were pretty rough. Is this because the car is picking up my shifting habits?
    rloomis482 ·
    Hello, 7-even,
    Was wondering since you've been on here a while, would you know if there are any aftermarket valve covers for the "05" Forenza 2.0l D-tec heads? I'm at a loss as why the Parts Train web site shows that a ford Valve cover will fit my car? ___ Sorry, the reason I'm looking for one is mine is warped and won't seal properly... The Dealer fixed the leak a few years ago (Warranty) and seems to have destroyed it and leaking again. Thanks for any help.
    laguna377 ·
    i wasn't trying to attack you in those other posts man, got respect for what you've done with ur Reno so sorry if i sounded like a jerk.

    if you get a chance, i'd like to know more about how you found those KDM parts and if you have any good sources on other parts like those for our cars. also, what kinds of other things have you done to ur car...

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