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dustwatts 05-15-2012 12:43 PM

1994 tracker a/c conversion
My new to me 94 tracker does not have A/C.......I have searched other forums, and this one.... to no success.... through research that i have done i am rounding up pieces and parts to do this,,,,,I will post some pics, hangups i run into, parts list i use, and what mods i have to do....
Any thoughts from the pros please chime in....:D

Wish me luck.... LOL

Max 05-15-2012 01:29 PM

Are you using a same model (with A/C) donor vehicle for parts? :huh:


I have searched other forums, and this one.... to no success.... through research that i have done i am rounding up pieces and parts to do this
You didn't look here then. :rolleyes:

dustwatts 05-16-2012 05:25 PM


Originally Posted by Max (Post 329278)
Are you using a same model (with A/C) donor vehicle for parts? :huh..

Yes, 1993 tracker.... I will have parts next week (i have to go pull them the yard i am getting parts from won't make sure i get bolts brackets, and won't promise not to cut up wire harness)


Originally Posted by Max (Post 329278)
You didn't look here then. :rolleyes:

I did see that, but details were not there... i am hoping to make it more clear for those that wanna sit confortably in their mountain go-cart... LOL

Richard Craneum 05-16-2012 06:09 PM

I have AC experience but more as repairs.

They are very temperamental critters. If you can get the the parts for the cabin I would suggest to get pretty much all new if the AC quit working years ago. If the AC was working right before it was parked. When you take all the parts especially the Evaporator and Condenser; make sure no humidity gets inside. You will get Black Death; Google that and you will be replacing all the parts.

I will like to get AC on my Tracker and is a 94; write back on the parts that you need it to convert it. I do not really care for the Evaporator, Condenser, Compressor, Hoses and Drier; what I am after is the Compressor Switch and the other systems to keep the engine on idle and so forth.

Keep us posted.

dustwatts 07-09-2012 09:30 AM

sorry bout the delay in updates.....

I finally have almost everything for install, still missing compressor mounting bracket, and belt tensioner assembly... hoping to find one today...

will try to update soon... w/ pics

jamesgammel 07-09-2012 11:37 AM

89 sidekicks (can't vouch for trackers) started with A/C as a dealer installed option. The dealer was "supposed" to be provided with a "kit" that had all the parts required. The 89 FSM has a chapter devoted to the installation procedure, starting with what has to be removed first. Part of the pkg was the wire harness devoted strictly for the A/C system. The main wire harness has appropriate mateing connectors already provided.
There is at least one error in the FSM's procedure: They tell you to remove the crank pulley, and later tell you to put it back. The glitch here, is if you don't have PS or A/C the crank pully will only have provisions for one belt, the water pump/crank/alternator. The empty slot ( for the belt that runs everything mounted on the right side) won't be there.
There's really no excuse for not getting the whole A/C harness, no need to CUT off any wires, everything is plug-in. Easily overlooked is the "brackets" to secure the wire harness, and there are several "branches" throughout the engine compartment. Comparatively fewer connections to make in the cabin.
Black death wasn't so much a humidity issue, it was an oil issue. Freon 12 uses it's "own" oil for system lubrrication; R 134a uses it's own. The two aren't compatible. When mixed it creates a heavy almost tar like substance. This problem is more common when converting over to 134a, if the unit was created for R-12. The R-12 oil must be completely flushed from the whole system first, then there won't be "goo" problems. Once the whole system is "buttoned up", the system will have to be evacuated by vauccum pumping. There's a prescribed amount of oil that must be primarily dependent on total volume of the system. The radiator isn't in the equation, that's tranny type based. The electric fan that mounts in front of the radiator/condenser is needed, including mounting hardware.
Once installed, I highly suggest taking it to an a/c tech. He'd have the vacuum pump, daiagnostic equipment, etc. to get the system evacuated and initially charged. from then on, yiou can handle "topping off" when required.
You OUGHT to replace all the o-ring seals where the metal tubing sections will have to be re-connected. Get the right ones, they need to be compatible with the 134a. I *think* you can get a pkg deal with all the o-rings required, maybe even e few odd "extras" that you won't need or use. Been a while since I added A/C to my 84 fiero. Lucky part for this was the aluminum piping from front hatch to engine compartment was already there with ends plugged or capped. Rather than hunt for a "donor", I just opted for the rest as all-new from Napa and Carquest.
Since this is a pretty simple project, I may add A/C to our 89 via a "donor". While I'm at it I'll do a PS add as well, if donor has it. If not, may check another donor anyway. The PS convert will probably more involved than the A/C (swap wise). A/C isn't that much "swap". The on/off "button" has a short section of wire harnes, Likely will have to trim out a hole where it mounts in the heater control panel. Underhood will be the easier part to manage, although more "pieces" and connections to make. Don't count on a 1 or 2 hour install, not gonna happen. 89 FSM also has another chapter devoted to compressor rebuild, if that's gonna be required. Don't have other years FSM's so can't say about them. I would suggest keeping donor's to 89-94 and 95 and up. Not really sure on which group the 95 best fits.
I did my fiero project around 91 or 92, so I had to contend with the R-12 / R 134a oil compatability issue, another reason to opt for new major parts. I think these (trackicks)
started out weaned on 134a, so that oil compatablity issue should be moot. Sticker under hood should tell what refrigerant was used in the system and remove all doubt. may be another close to the dryer and refrigerant pressure/suction fittings. Those fittings will also be a clue.

dustwatts 07-11-2012 09:14 AM

Thanks james for the reply... great advise..

BLACK DEATH-- According to Four Seasons Ester 100 part # 59089 is compatible with both r12 & r134a... Also SuperCool has synthetic ester part # E7 or E31 also compatible...

I used 4 seasons in my 87 sub, in use for two years now no problems yet..
I am unsure of longer term use though...

any thoughts from the pros?

jamesgammel 07-11-2012 10:46 AM

Most of the posts back when I did the conversion indicated that the black death issue didn't take long to occur. Since then, I'd pretty much guess that since then they've developed other oils that made that compatibility issue moot. 2yrs I think is beyond the "threat period", so you should be good to go. However, if you should have to "add" in the future, be sure you use same as what you already did. Avoid those 134a with lube already added bottles, since they may not tell you what the oil is. Seems you already have done your "homework", good job. 89 FSM indicates that R12 is the coolant for the optional A/C, and I don't have any newer FSM's (yet) to know just when suzuki or Geo made their switch. Hoping someone else can indicate just when that was and post it. Since the P and S valves are different, someone just looking at their valves should be able to tell us. Like a 93 with original a/c, etc. If R-12, you'll need the retrofit valves anyway. I have 3 cases of R-12 (1 #-ers) That I bought back in the early 80's when a store had a sale, 1.00 a can (24 cans a case) back in 96 or so, I heard that R-12 was going for 300 a pound. Not sure what it would bring today.

jamesgammel 07-11-2012 11:09 AM

Haynes manual suggests that 95 and later are all 134a. However, it doesn't specifically state that all pre-94's are R-12 :( . I know there was a definate time that R-12 was banned, and some mfr\'s made the switch earlier than actually mandated. Others waited till the deadline.

Richard Craneum 07-11-2012 12:57 PM

I think GMs switched to R134 in 1994.

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